Client Reviews

Felt like I was at end of the line with my mare but Karen has put us back on the right path! Would totally recommend



7 November 2015


Karen is amazing with animal communication! She has helped me for the last 3 years with the horses, telling me what they want, need, feel and what they want me to change, be it tack wise or work routine! She helps with their aches and pains and if I have any concerns whatsoever about their health or general wellbeing, Karen is always my first port of call. She has also helped with the doggies. Cannot recommend her enough!



16 November 2015

Karen is amazing with all animals. She has treated Charlie my horse with various problems that he has had, our dogs past and present, my cats & Simons bearded dragon spike. Not only has she treated our domestic animals but also the school farm animals where I work. Sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbit and guinea pigs, and to top it all me. She is my first port of call if anything has a problem. It is absolutely amazing what she can tell you about your animal. I can highly recommend Karen. Keep up the good work.



21 September 2015

Karen has been out to see my daughter's pony on several occasions and has been so helpful in sorting out his problems Charlotte has recently been riding a friends pony who suddenly started having some issues just before Devon County Show . Karen came up and sorted out the problems - some of them rider errors - the next day he was brilliant . I would and do recommend Karen to numerous people - she's a star with an amazing talent - I wish I had it!



17 June 2015

Karen is AMAZING! We had got to the stage where we were even debating giving our baby bengal up because she had started weeing everywhere and it was literally on a daily basis for a good few months - Karen came over to meet her and Sabrina was like a different cat afterwards, so much more content and chilled out! Absolutely fascinating, and really lovely to be able to communicate with your pet on a whole other level - we have just moved house and its so reassuring to know that the second Sabrina seems out of sorts we can ask Karen to come and help us out! Cannot recommend enough! xxx



23 September 2015

Karen has helped me over a prolonged period with loads of horses, dogs and cats. She has helped in no small way my daughter and ponies achieve their amazing results and has been brilliant with my horse Harry who has a history of self harming (he is a bit exuberant ). She is currently helping me on a regular basis with Harry's very badly damaged tendon on our long road to recovery. Cannot thank Karen enough for her time, patience, healing and communication skills.


5 October 2015

Karen is the real deal! She has helped every animal we own with their various physical, mental and emotional issues. She has solved mysteries that the vets couldn't figure out and has even turned up in emergencies and sorted out both horse and human for pain and shock. She also compliments the horsemanship work that I do and it is useful to be able to call on someone with such an amazing gift to enhance the understanding of a situation when the behaviour presented by a horse who is not following normal patterns.



21 September 2015

Karen is wonderful at what she does .. and it is not just for horses. She has regularly sorted out issues with my three cats. Whoever says that cats can't understand what we say ... my lovely old tabby cat always perks up when I tell him Karen is coming to visit!!



21 September 2015

Would highly recommend Karen to everyone, she came and visited my mare for the first time a few weeks ago. She told me Ellie had an old injury on the left side of her mouth and this is the reason she doesn't like traffic, she associate's it with pain! And this was confirmed this yesterday by the vet when she came to do her teeth. I found out loads and how much of a diva Ellie is.


Thanks again Karen.


28 September 2017