Fees 2018

Horses and Ponies / other large animals

1st Horse - £30.00

2nd Horse - £25.00

3rd Horse+ - £20.00 each


2 Horses = £55.00

4 Horses = £95.00

Dogs, Cats / other small animals

1st Pet - £20.00

2nd Pet - £15.00

3rd Pet+ - £10.00 each


Day rates can be more cost effective if you have several animals that you would like me to see. Hours are usually 10am-4pm with 30 mins lunch break. I will fit in as many animals as possible. Note: All animals must be owned by the same person/ family.

Yard rates for regular clients are available upon request. Please message me to discuss first.

Fuel is 25p per mile from Chudleigh, however, if you are within a 5 mile radius it will be free.

I will always confirm the price before my visit.