Hello, a little bit about myself - I have always been able to talk to animals, detect heat/pain and feel their pain and passion. 

I use this gift to help pet owners, including horse owners, to bridge the communication gap and sort out any problems, worries or concerns they or yourself may have. This could be from a lizard wanting a shelf in his cage to a horse with an allergy to tree pollen. I aim to get everyone working together for the benefit of all concerned. I also dowse the animals if required to help them explain exactly what they need.

Our meetings are completely confidential.

I will add some client's cases as the website progresses (with the owners consent of course).

I myself have 3 horses and 3 dogs and compete regularly. I have a full time job and this is a hobby which I am lucky to do in my time off - evenings and weekends.

I cover all of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, please phone me for information on charges. I offer a group discount if you have more than one animal for me to see.


About Me